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Pokémon: 21x25

Real Life...Inquire Within!

Ash is on his way to the Pokémon Center with Pikachu, Rotom and Poipole for the school’s work experience program when he is stopped by the Team Skull grunts, who challenge him to a battle. The 3-on-1 battle backfires when something goes wrong with Zipp’s Garbodor’s Venom Shock and Team Skull is forced to retreat. At the Center, the Nurse Joy that works there has a bad cold, so Ash and the others decide to do her duties for her. With some minor hiccups (such as a mix-up about Pokémon Center uniforms and an unexpected delivery to Team Rocket’s food truck), things go well, but Zipp keeps showing up, apparently seeking treatment for his Garbodor, who is suffering from Poison Clog. The gang aren’t sure how to help Garbodor, but Nurse Joy appears and takes change of treating Garbodor with their help. By evening, Garbodor has been cured, but the Nurse Joy who treated Garbodor turns out to be a sister of the now-recovered Nurse Joy.

Pokémon: 21×25
Pokémon: 21×25
Apr. 05, 2018

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