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Pokémon: 12x4

Dealing With Defensive Types!

With Oreburgh Gym Leader Roark as referee, Ash starts his 3-on-3 Gym battle against Byron, Canalave’s fossil-loving Gym Leader. Byron’s first Pokémon is the Steel-and-Psychic Bronzor, so Ash sends out Chimchar, a Fire-type Pokémon. But Bronzor’s Ability, Heatproof, helps protect it against Chimchar’s Fire attacks, and then it uses Rain Dance to rain on Chimchar’s parade! Chimchar refuses to give up, and uses Flame Wheel in a head-on charge against Bronzor’s Gyro Ball—the hit knocks out Bronzor, but Chimchar barely manages to stay on its feet!

Pokémon: 12×4
Dec. 25, 2008

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