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Pokémon: 10x4

Dawn of a New Era!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This cannot be more true for Dawn as she now has Ash, a Trainer with many victories, 28 badges and a winner’s trophy under his belt and Brock, the Pewter Gym Leader traveling with her now. As she is about to capture a Buneary, she makes mistakes which Ash points out and suddenly she smacks Ash with her Poké Ball. Soon they get into a big fight about it (Doesn’t this sound familiar) and (as usual) Brock is in the middle of it. They soon notice the sun being extremely bright and find the cause: A Budew that belongs to a wandering minstrel named Nando, who just started his own journey. As a token of good will he offers Dawn a chance to battle him. How will she fair for her first battle and will she ever get along with Ash?

Pokémon: 10×4
Pokémon: 10×4
Oct. 05, 2006

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