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Pokémon: 22x35

Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!

Professor Kukui has finally realized his dream of establishing the Alola Pokémon League, and he’s excited to welcome everyone to the dedication of the brand-new Manalo Stadium. Much to the excitement of our heroes, he announces that the Champion of the Alola Pokémon League will be granted an exhibition battle with the Masked Royal. Ash and friends are fired up and eager to participate—and Lillie even pulls off her first Z-Move! Meanwhile, Gladion sets out on a search…and eventually reunites with his father’s long-lost Zoroark! After learning that its partner is still alive, Zoroark agrees to join Gladion on his quest to find Professor Mohn!

Pokémon: 22×35
Pokémon: 22×35
Jun. 23, 2019

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